Prowlers Car Club History

San Diego Prowlers making Hot Rod History -1998

Being on the cover of a car magazine and have several pages dedicated to the Prowlers is nothing new – but it was a very nice spread on the club.  And Oh, man isn’t she sweet … back to business, the March 1998 issue of American Rodder magazine featured a very nice write-up on the Prowlers 50th Annual Picnic.  It was held at the El Cajon Speedway in October of 1997.  (Unfortunately, in their infinite wisdom the County of San Diego demolished the Speedway some time after the picnic.  I sure hope we didn’t have anything to do with that, ha ha.)

The article was quite large and the Prowlers were very pleased to have so much ink spent on the club.

As the pictures show, we really packed them in at the El Cajon Speedway.  Thanks again to the magazine for the great article.  We sure had a great