Prowlers Car Club History

San Diego Prowlers making Hot Rod History – The 1960’s

In the 1960’s the Prowlers continued to be the Club everyone knew about. Whether it was racing, cruising, shows and just having fun – we did it all, with class. 

The group here from left to right back row is, Dave Hayward (member #52), Bob Urquhart (member #65), Joe Perronello (member #68), not known, Gordy Kolberg (member #56). Bottom left is Ed Thompson (member #38). Group in the middle front row, Everett Nicholas (member #57) and Allen Parker (member #64). Back row, Norm Urquhart (member #58) and Merle Rhodes (member #66). The numbers following the names are their member numbers. By the way, this picture was taken in the old Electric Building in Balboa Park and the Prowler banner in the back ground hangs in our club house to this day.

Curt Holmquest member (member #71). ’29 “A” V8 roadster 

Phil also owned this ’31 Ford coupe. Notice the “4” on the headlight bar. Phil had a hot Crager 4 that ran well and was very fast for the day. Later he built the ’32 3-window coupe with a flathead  pictured above.

This is Phil Gerhart with his ’32 Ford deluxe 3-window coupe.

Dicky Brooks ’29 Ford coupe (member #104)

Mark Souza (member #126) ’32 Ford roadster

Dave Hayward (member #52) “T” Ford touring

Terry ‘TC’ Coe (member #111) ’27 Ford touring

Jack Bright’s sedan delivery that later became big brother Lee Bright’s “Mother Trucker”

Dave and Susie Hayward with his 1932 Ford sedan.  This car was previously owned by Tom McClelland.

Here Dave Hayward is working on his 1928 Ford  ‘A’ roadster which appeared in Hot Rod magazine in April 1962.  He traded this car for the 1932 sedan shown above.

The late Gary Campbell’s (#61) ’30-31 roadster with the seldom seen Lincoln OHV V8 engine.

Ed Thompson’s (#38) ’27 Ford roadster with blown Hemi engine.  This rod was shown in the June issue of Car Craft magazine in the late ’50’s.

Joe Perronello’s (#68) roadster pickup cover car for the ’64 January issue of one of the rodder magazines. This car was one of two of the club cars featured in the movie “The Lively Set”.  The other rod was owned by Roger Brousseau (#76).

This is Evertt Nicholas’s (#59) beautiful ’36 3 window Ford coupe

Bob Urquhart’s (#65) ’27 Ford roadster this rod was featured as a cover car in the ’62 Oct. issue of Hot Rod Mag.  This article also featured Bob’s brother Norm member #58.

Allen Parker’s (#64) “T” roadster pickup.  Allen worked at the Don Garlits drag racing museum doing car restorations for 20+ years.  Gosh … what a way to have to earn a living huh?

Tom Madruga’s (#53) ’29 “A” Ford roadster.

Clark Geffe’s (#49) ’25 Ford “T” roadster.  This rod was made from the famous Downy brothers  “Wha-Hoppen Special”. The wall murral at the Wally Park NRHA Museum is in Pomona Calif. , shows this roadster as it ran at the Dry Lakes in the early ’50’s.

Dick Minor’s (#48) ’40 Ford coupe.  This picture was taken at the San Diego Electric Building car show in the late ’50’s

Gordy Kolberg (#56) with his ’37 Ford coupe with ride along Prowler member Evertt Nicholas (#59) setting the pace for the Modified Sportsman event at Balboa Stadium races. To see this car as she sits today check out our members list, yep you got it, he still owns her and man she’s a beauty. 

This is Dave Hayward’s (#52) ’32 Ford sedan being shown in 1963 at the San Diego Car Show at the Electric Bldg. in Balboa Park. We understand Dave has another ’32 sedan with all the parts to duplicate this beauty, which he intends to, including a Caddy motor.

This ride belonged to Fred Beven (#78) ’32 Ford roadster powered by a Chrysler Hemi engine.


Larry Hunter’s (#98) ’23 T roadster pickup at one of the shows at the San Diego Concourse.

Norm Urquharts (#58) ’47 Ford pickup.

Nice shot of John Mogart with his ’40 Ford coupe.

This is Dave Shaffer member #55 with his orange ’34 Ford 3- window coupe with a Chevy Corvette engine.  Dave still has this ’34 and is in the process of returning it to original. In this picture he is displaying a trophy he won at the 1960 “Ted Bentley” Motor Sports Show held at the old “Great Western Building” which has now been torn down.

Bob “Wooly” Wolin, member # 86 next to his ’29 Ford Hi-Boy roadster.  Bob’s been a member since 1966. Wooly still owns and drives this ’29.  This is one of two club cars that he owns. The other is a 1931 “A” coupe.

Johnny Jones is an Honorary club member.  Johnny is one of only 5 Honorary members.  Johnny owned Action Auto Parts in San Diego and always had just the parts we “all ” needed.

Brand new on the market metalflake paint catching the sunset.

Shots from 1967 of Jim Reid’s ’27 T with the new small block Ford and new metalflake paint !

Bob and Bonnie Smith in 1969 with “Sailor Bobs” bitchen “T” roadster pickup.  This car was winning tropies before it was even run’n!

Dave Hayward, Lee Bright, Jim Reid and Bob Wolin at LA Roadsters 1968

Gary Rickle’s ’23T Roadster with 401 Buick and Hilborn fuel injection at 1968 LA Roadster show.

Bob Smith lead’n the pack on a run in ’68. The other cars we see here are Jack Oposensky, Phil Gearhart and Bob Wolin’s.

One hell of a way to celebrate the first club picnic by roll’n your rod!  But things happen. This is Johnny Vinta’s ’25 T after he rolled it at the Otay Lakes Prowler Picnic in ’69.

Here’s another one of Johnny’s rides.  This nice “T” roadster pickup with a wild paint job.

This is Jay Spere’s roadster pickup from a Street Rod Pictorial in the late ’60’s. This has been reported to have been sold to Phil of “Blairs Speed Shop”, in Pasadena.  He still owns it and has it parked in front of his shop.

This is a great shot of 7 of the club cars outside Hoover High School in July of 1967. From left to right, John Mogarts ’40,  Tony Grotto’s ’31sedan, Bob Wolin’s ’31roadster,  Bruce Hamiltons ’29 roadster, Lee Brights ’29 roadster pickup, Mike Hemis’s ’27 T roadster pickup and Bruno Cirello’s ’34 sedan.

Great shot of Curt Holmquist’s #71yellow ’29 roadster pickup and John Dougherty’s #73 brown ’28 Ford Sport Coupe outside Grossmont Jr. College.

Here’s a another shot of John Dougherty’s ’28 Sport Coupe.

Here’s Ken Polesky in his ’28 Model A Roadster in March of 1967.  Shot was taken by Rod & Custom Magazine outside of the Long Beach Drive-In. This is just 1 of 3 that Ken now has finished.